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Planning for Spring

by Floral Scapes on 01/28/14

All of us enjoy the end of winter and the coming of spring, even those of us that love the cold and snow.  The trees, plants and flowers come back to life, bringing much needed green back into our lives.  Leaves start to emerge from branches, flowers from their buds, and the ground once again becomes alive with growth. 

This type of growth has to been given space, especially in our urban environment.  We must create space and a way for trees, plants and flowers to bring their beauty into the world.  Many of us try to add a green to our lives by planting within our living space, be it outdoor or indoor.  How we go about doing this is very important as to whether or not our plantings will be successful. 

The goal of any planting is to choose the right plants for the right location.  Planning early allows us to make sure that those plants are put in the ground at the right time.  Having a professional that has knowledge and execution gives our landscapes and gardens the best chance of thriving.

Having a consultation allows us to show the client the true capability and potential of their space.  Most clients do not know the large scope of trees, plants and flowers that are available.  Through consultation we are able to offer our knowledge.  Having access to the best wholesale nurseries gives us access to plant varieties that retail customers do not. 

Our job is to introduce our clients to the wonderful and beautiful world of plant life.  We look forward to bringing nature to you and making your landscapes and gardens a please that will bring you great joy.