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winter is outside, green scapes are inside

by Floral Scapes on 01/19/16

Winter has finally arrived with its cold winds, freezing temperatures and dormancy.  As the plants and trees outside lie waiting for spring to bring growth, green and beauty back, we do not have to do the same for our indoor spaces. 

Winter is a time were we lack the existence of outdoor green spaces.  Which is why we must create those green spaces indoors.  Whether it be in our homes, offices or stores, creating a space for plants and trees will make our indoor environments feel alive. 

During winter we spend most of our time indoors in spaces completely sealed off from the outside world.  Adding plants to these environments creates a link to the outside world.  The joy of the outdoors is associated with fresh air, which as we all know is created by trees and plants. 

Fresh air is essential to a healthy lifestyle and feeling of well being.  We can re-create this feeling by adding indoor plants and trees to purify the air we breathe.  Chemical vapors are introduced into our environments from building materials, furniture, computers, and many other everyday products that are in our indoor spaces.  Green plants help in pulling the chemicals out of our environments and replace it with 'fresh air'. 

We can grow this 'fresh air' by simply putting plants into our indoor spaces.