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Bromeliad Plants assorted colors and varieties
Orchid Plants
Garden Design NYC - Plant Gallery
Floral Scapes uses the best wholesale nurseries and greenhouses in the region.  This allows us to offer our NYC clients the best quality at the most affordable prices.
Spiral, topiary and poodle evergreens
Holly Trees 
(large/ small specimans
many varieties)

Hinoki Cyprus (small/ large specimans and multiple varieties)
Boxwoods-Buxus  (all varieties and sizes)
rhododendron (pictured) and all varieties of flowering shrubs
This is a small sample of the product we offer.  We have access to all plants that are suited for our region, and make sure that those plants are suitable for your location.
Ilex crenata 'sky pencil'
juniper 'wiltoni'
large evergreen varieties
bamboo varieties